pv_italy_kl.jpgOn 16th December the inauguration of the new PV plant will take place on the school roof of Liceo Scientifico Sorbelli extern.gif. It will be a 1,3 KW connected to the grid plant. The plant has been donated to the school by a pool of sponsors ( an architectural design company now specializing in passive buildings and enhancing locally the use of renewable energy ; BCC bank which offered to pay for most of the expenses plus both local Rotary and Lions Clubs). Sprung from Comenius 2008/10: “Renewable energy: a future for our planet” the plant is meant to be used to monitor efficiency and compare data with our European partner schools and to support the spreading of sustainability culture in the local area.

School committed itself to a 3 years collaboration with the sponsors planning many activities involving both students and public such as conferences with experts and technicians, visits to the eco village, opening up of the plant during the “European solar days” or similar occasions, …. In addition to that the curricula of Science and Physics will be integrated with new energy related units and last but not least each year three of the best students will be sent abroad as reporters to major national and international events such as the “European solar decathlon”.


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